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Furnace Heating/ Furnace Repair

Furnace Heating is the most common way homes in the US are heated. Furnace’s heat air than, distribute the warm air throughout the residence through ducts.
We service all makes & models of furnaces as well as duct installation systems.

Heat Pump Systems/ Heater Installations

Heat pump systems can be an alternative to moderate climate controlled needs. Heat pumps could be used to substitute your furnace or air conditioner in certain situations. Heat pumps systems replace the cooler air in an air space with, the warmer air to raise the temperature in that area to your designated temperature. It work’s the same within a warmer atmosphere replacing it with colder air as well to replace the current temperature. We offer installation services of heat pump systems to the Newark, Ohio area.

Heating Alternatives

There are many ways to heat your home: Radiant Heating, Portable Heating, Wood & Pellet Heating, Boilers, Steam & Hot Water Radiators. The fact is, the best way to maintain your home heating services is by keeping regular service checks by the best in Heating Services, Central Ohio Heating Cooling & Appliance Service LLC.


If your ever in need of furnace repairs, a furnace installation, furnace services or, a heating system service check in, Newark, Ohio. Contact Central Ohio Heating, Cooling & Appliance Service LLC.
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